Grow In Your Purpose: A Guide to Grant Writing (2.0)

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This Guide is more than an ordinary handbook on the fundamentals of funding. Your purchase allows you access to my Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) which contains an online presentation which will walk you through your Guide! The MOOC also provides access to our online Pre and Post Assessments, so I can gauge the reader's growth, and the overall effectiveness of the Guide. With your purchase, you will be provided the tools necessary, to "Grow in Your Purpose," from wherever you are, whenever you want! This Guide is taking Workforce Development to another level, by making it accessible through multiple technology platforms!

Baby, You Are Loved: The Beginning

"Baby, You Are Loved: The Beginning" is the first installment in a children's series designed for co-parenting families, to help them have those difficult-yet necessary, conversations with their children, and to help them adjust to their new co-parenting lifestyle.

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Note: She will begin facilitating the court mandated workshops online in July! Email for details!

She also offers general parenting sessions that are not court mandated.

Cultural Field Trip Journal

The Cultural Field Trip Journal is designed for the explorer of all ages to: write, respond, and reflect, as they visit historic sites and learn the cultural lessons that were omitted from public school lesson plans. Owners of this journal are encouraged to partake in road-trips and visit sites that are rich in America's cultural history.

Often times, these locations are hidden in plain sight, in your communities backyards...awaiting your discovery!

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