Sworn in on Juneteenth 2018

Term 7/1/2018-12/31/2022

Legislation I have CHAMPIONED!

Note: The popular term is "patron." However, I prefer the action verb, "CHAMPION!"

(n.) A person who fights or argues for a cause or on behalf of someone else: a champion of human rights.

(v.) support the cause of; defend: she championed human rights.

  • Updating the Town's nondiscrimination policy to include protections based on gender identity and sexual orientation.

  • Moving the Town's Election Day from May to November.

  • Making the November Election Day a holiday for Town Staff; making the first in Virginia to do so for ALL staff. This included eliminating Lee-Jackson Day.

  • Co-championing the Town's resolution regarding Coal Ash.

  • Championing a means for the Town Police Department to work with the Prince William County Police Department to better serve citizens of all ages with disabilities - as a result, Town PD has access to "Project Lifesaver."

  • Championing a Business Resolution, to support existing Town business, and help those interested in starting a business in Town to navigate the registration process through training and assistance through partnerships!

  • The honorary naming of "McGlothlin Way!"

  • The Town's Sustainability Resolution.

  • The inclusion of language in our FY2020 Legislative Agenda to support an amendment to current legislation regarding the Renewable Pilot Program for Third Party Power Purchase Agreements (PPA’s) that would increase the program cap from 50 megawatts to 500.

Update, our state legislators increased the cap to 1000!

  • Championing the development and implementation of the Town's C-PACE Program ordinance. The Town of Dumfries was the 7th municipality in Virginia to do so.

  • The lowering of the flag to half staff in honor citizens who have passed due to COVID-19, and in recognition of essential employees.

  • Championing the direction of the Town Manager to send a letter to the General Assembly to encourage them to address housing issue brought forth by Covid-19, progressively. Specifically to: 1. Extend the eviction moratorium; 2. Support measures to freeze foreclosures; 3. Provide additional funding for eviction prevention programs.

  • Championing the concept of having a remote Social Service office located in Town Hall, directing the Town Manager to begin working with Prince William County to bring this to fruition.

  • Championing a resolution to condemn Systemic Racism in the Town of Dumfries.

  • Co-Championing the resolution to make Juneteenth a holiday in the Town of Dumfries.

  • Championing the adult changing station in the John Wilmer Porter Municipal building. Note, this is the only public restroom in the region to accomodate the needs of caregivers of persons over typical child weights.

  • Championing the need for edible vegetation to be planted in Garrison Park.

  • Championing Alzheimer's Awareness in the Town of Dumfries, as well as Dementia Friendly Dumfries.

  • Championing the Town's fiscal support of the Friends of the Dumfries Slave Cemetery.

  • Championing changing the name of "Confederate Court" to "Liberty Lane."

  • Championing the streaming of Town Board and Commission meetings.

  • Championing the partnership between the Town of Dumfries and Grow with Google.

  • Championing the resolution to make each member organization of the National Pan Hellenic Council's founders' days their official day in the Town of Dumfries.

  • Championing a proclamation Protecting Reproductive Rights.

  • Proclaiming June as PRIDE month in the Town of Dumfries.

  • Proclaiming November as Native American Heritage Month in the Town of Dumfries.

  • Championing a resolution for World AIDS DAY and HIV/AIDS Awareness Month in the Town of Dumfries.

Proudly serving on the Northern Virginia Regional Commission (NVRC) having served as Vice Chair, and the first Black woman to Chair the NVRC! Serving on this Commission had been a goal of mine years prior to running for the Town Council. It has been delightful to represent the 2.5 million residents in our region in this capacity. I look forward to continuing to serve as Immediate Past Chair and volunteering on the "Building a Presence for HBCUs in the Northern Virginia Region Committee!"

I'd like to point out that nothing is successfully championed alone. I'm thankful to the support of the citizens of Dumfries, Town Council , friends and allies who reside beyond the Town limits who have always supported my efforts in the community for decades, and the local organizations and committees who have taken time to educate and empower me to bring forth legislation that strengthens the the fabrics that bond our community!

Proud Moment:

One of the moments that has brought me the most joy while serving on the Town Council, has been sponsoring The Children's Room in ACTSPWC's Women's Empowerment Center, in honor of my mother and I!

Influencing State Legislation:

I managed to honor my mother's legacy by championing "Jo's Law" (HB2474) alongside my delegate, the Honorable Luke Torian in 2019!"Jo's Law" expedites the processing of long-term care in Virginia.

"I'm eternally grateful to those who made the magic happen by contacting their representatives for passing the legislation unanimously."

Prince William County Public Library System: Celebrity Guest Readers Week April 2021

"Join Town of Dumfries Councilwoman Cydny A. Neville for Guest Readers Week! She'll be reading "My Mothers Wildest Dreams" by John A. Light. Read with permission from John A. Light.

Councilwoman Neville is an entrepreneur, mother, and a passionate public English teacher who is shaping the minds of tomorrow’s leaders. Visit www.CydnyANeville.com to learn more."